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Thursday, 12 February 2009



Forex, FX, or Foreign Exchange, is the simultaneous exchange of one country's currency for that of another. Offers leading online trading platforms for individuals that wish to speculate on the exchange rate between two currencies. In doing so, speculators purchase or sell one currency for another with the hope of making a profit when the value of the currencies changes in favor of the speculator as a result of events that takes place across the globe. This market of exchange has more daily volume - both buyers and sellers - than any other market in the world. The FX market is available 24-hours a day, five days a week. Furthermore, the Forex Market is the largest financial market in the world with daily reported volume of over $1.4 trillion changing hands between buyers and sellers across the globe, making it one of the most exciting markets for trading. Although currency trading is inherently governmental (central banks) and institutional (commercial and investment banks), technological innovations, like the internet, have made it easy for individuals to take part in the currency trading markets and to trade via intermediaries online.

The Forex market has quickly become the world's largest financial market, with an estimate daily turnover of $3.2 trillion. It is a market that has great appeal to a financial trader because of its volume which guarantees liquidity. High liquidity means that a trader can trade whatever currencies he feels like at all times, since there will always be someone to buy and sell any currency he wants. Another outstanding feature of the forex market is that it is active 24 hours a day and is closed only on the weekends. This means that unlike the stock market for example, traders in the forex market don't need to wait for a bell to ring, but can make trading decisions around the clock.

Enter the internet into the equation. Now the forex market is literally at your fingertips. Most brokers offer online trading facilities which enable you to trade simply by clicking a button, instead of the traditional phone call. The internet has really revolutionized the industry, making the retail section of the market more dominant than ever.


* $3 trillion daily turnover
* $35 million traded every second
* 40 x the size of NASDAQ
Foreign Exchange Currency Trading (Forex) is the exchange of money between different countries. The value of one country’s currency is constantly changing against the value of another country’s currency. Forex traders make money through buying and selling currencies on the foreign exchange market.

Online Forex trading is a nonstop cash market. It is one of the fastest growing industries on the internet. It attracts a wide range of individuals, from beginners to more experienced traders. Anyone with access to the internet, a valid credit card and with a minimum cash deposit can share in the excitement.

How it works

Foreign exchange is an exciting market. Individual traders trade on margin. For example, a stake of just $100 gives a trader access to a deal worth $10,000 (using a leverage of 1: 100). Markets fluctuate constantly and for a margin trader every little move is magnified 100 times. And while potential profit is unlimited, the trader can only lose their initial investment – for this example, $100.

For example:

Leverage (gearing) enables you to hold a position worth up to 100 times more than your margin deposit. For example, a USD 1,000 deposit can command positions of up to USD 100,000 through leverage. If you believe that the euro will strengthen against the dollar you'll want to buy euro now and sell it back later at a higher price.

* You want to buy the euro - We quote EUR/USD at 1.2501 (bid) 1.2505 (ask), which means that you can buy 1 euro for 1.2505 USD. In this example you buy EUR 100,000, at the quote price of 1.2505 USD per euro.
* The market moves in your favor - EUR/USD is now quoted at Bid 1.2515 Ask 1.2519
* Now you sell your euro and get the profit - You sell euro at a price of 1.2515
* The profit is calculated as follows - Sell price-buy price x size of trade
(1.2515 minus 1.2505) multiplied by EUR 100,000 = USD 100 Profit

The Attraction of Forex Currency Trading
Foreign exchange currency trading is a regulated market. It operates under the strict rules of the world's financial authorities and the biggest financial institutions on the planet.

The main incentive of currency dealing to private investors and the attractions of short-term Forex trading are: 24-hour trading, 5 days a week, with nonstop access to global Forex dealers.

Based on That wide opportunity of Forex, here by, we review 3 biggest online forex that where known with their professional action. Forex Yard, Etoro and Easy Forex, so You can make comparison and decide one best that suit for You.


Since formation, FOREXYARD has utilized the experience of professional forex traders, as well as internet and financial sector specialists in order to successfully establish itself as one of the premier online brokerages operating in today's market. They offer a secure, dynamic trading platform which provides superior order execution, advanced reporting and analytical tools, yet remains intuitive and user-friendly.
caters to a wide range of traders from around the world, placing equal importance on first time traders as we do on experienced professionals. They firmly believe in the value of building a relationship with each and every client, in order to better understand their needs. Their analysis reports, which you will receive via e-mail every morning on market days, are featured on a number of influential websites and forums, including the International Business Times, ForexStreet and ForexTv. When trading online with FOREXYARD, you will receive the following:

* Instant Deposit with Credit Card
* Start Trading in Minutes
* Fixed Spreads in All Markets, All the Time
* Continuous Quoting, with No Price Freezes
* Executable Quotes - Click on Any Bid or Offer
* No Slippage on Market, Limit, and Stop Orders*
* Negative Balance Protection - No Debits
* Unparalleled 24-hour Trader Support
* Establish A Trading Account with as Little as $100
* No Software Download Needed

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009


At Easy-Forex®, they feel the excitement of trading Forex and want to show you how you can be part of the largest global market. When choosing which online platform to trade with, there are many different considerations. Here are some of the reasons why Easy-Forex® is your platform of choice.

* It’s about you: personal service; training
* Easy Trading : no software download; instant deposits; margin trading with low minimum deposit; quick registration
* Managing risk: rates, limits and stop-loss; tools to trade smarter
* Transparent: no hidden costs
* Innovative: trade anywhere at anytime; Freeze rate; special features and tools only available to our traders
* Flexible and competitive: special terms for frequent traders; spreads; bonuses
* Security: data security and privacy
* Professional: reputable business partners; real-time quotes

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Thursday, 5 February 2009


eToro is a forex trading platform developed to cater to the emerging retail segment of the forex market. With its simple style and exciting trade visualizations, eToro is the perfect platform for a novice trader to get his first forex trading experience. With its great array of professional forex trading and analysis tools, eToro is also the perfect platform for experts in the field who want to trade comfortably and reliably. eToro has developed a truly intuitive interface that lets traders concentrate on trading instead of messing around with bulky and overcomplicated software.

It's important to mention that eToro also offers an educational experience, so novices can gain knowledge of the forex market and eventually become pros if they're so inclined. eToro offers forex trading guides, forums and video tutorials to facilitate their traders' progress. eToro also offers an unlimited practice mode where both beginner and seasoned traders can sharpen their skills and test their strategies with real market rates.

Overall eToro have successfully designed a software that caters to a very wide segment of the forex trading public. eToro is bound to remain a leader in the forex industry for a long time to come.

eToro's features:

Visual representation of trades: Monitor your trades with ease by watching creative visualizations of your trading activity.

Practice mode
: Test your skills and strategies by trading with live rates, without risking a cent.

Trading Challenges
: Compete against fellow traders for cash prizes - with no entry fees.

: Enjoy immediate and accurate execution with all your trades.

Low Spreads
: Save a fortune on eToros super low spreads - as low as 2 pips.

And soon to come:

Trade: Enjoy real time execution with all your trades.

eToro's forex Pro Insight: Get a look at what currency pairs eToro's top 100 traders are trading at the moment, and use the inside info to your advantage!

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